Part Epic Fantasy and part Mystery!!!

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"The Kingdom of Liars" is an excellent debut novel in which all of the magic will keep readers interested while the twists within the narrative will keep them engaged until the end.

Michael Kingman is the protagonist as well as the prime suspect in the murder of King Issac Hollow, ten years after his father—David Kingman—was accused, tried, and executed for the murder of Prince David Hollow. During the span of the decade, Michael experienced the fall of his family from society and was ostracized by everyone else. He has been reduced to living as a street urchin with the brand of a traitor. However, when a job opportunity provides a chance to prove that his father was framed, Michael returns to high society and participates in the Endless Waltz, one of the most cutthroat gatherings for members of elite society.

Nick Martell delves right into the dilemma of the story from the beginning and keeps both his characters and his readers guessing right up to the end of this book! I'm looking forward to reading the next one in the series!