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To be completely honest I wasn't expecting much from this book, but the second I laid my hands on it and flipped to the first page I instantly knew this book was gonna be one long ride and a fun one at that too. I will not go into detail about the book so I don't spoil anything but just know this book is probably one of the best I've read, its so interesting and just makes the reader want to be sucked into the book. Its full of mystery and that's something I, as a reader, absolutely love! This book was amazing and honestly deserves a award. The author deserves so much recognition and this book is so underrated in the book community. I really hope one day this book blows up because the author deserves this! Please read this book you won't regret it! Its so good like wow I never expected it to be so good but it raised up to my expectations, actually it passed my expectations. 1000% recommend this book!