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I was at first drawn in by the cover (which is pretty awesome!) but the summary sounded really interesting too and so I was hooked before I even started reading. I love fantasy books and magical creatures and this story does not disappoint! Leena is a disgraced beast charmer that has to sell her creatures that she has been taking care of, in order to stay afloat. That does not make her the bad guy though and I liked her, despite some of the things she had to do. It is a dangerous world that Leena finds herself in and I found myself rooting for her, even if she had a bounty on her head and the price she needed to pay to get it cancelled. Noc was also a good character but I really liked the beasts best. I wish we had magical beasts on our world. :)

This was a great book and since it is only the first one in a series, I am glad I have something else to look forward too in the future!