Assassins Creed meets Pokemon

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Kingdom of Exiles is what Pokemon could be for adults. Magic, mystery, intrigue, sexual tension, life and death, and monsters. Leena is a Charmer who has been exiled from her guild but she was framed. Noc is the guild master of the Cruor, an assassin group who dwell in the shadows and deal in death. Leena has a bounty on her head the the Cruor have accepted, except she is no normal Charmer. Leena bested a top ranked Cruor and now has the attention of Noc who has a hidden motive to keep the Charmer alive a bit longer. Noc has a curse on him he wants removed and only a specific magical beast can do it. Leena is the key. If Noc can charm his way into the inner details of how to charm beasts and use his cunning on Leena to let down her defenses, he just might be successful. Staying alive through the quest is a whole different task.