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A magical, new series!

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Excited to read the full version of this novel. The cover drew me in, and I stayed for the Throne of Glass meets Pokemon(?) vibe. Sounds weird I know, but trust me. Fans of books with magic and kicka** heroines will probably enjoy this novel. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Leena, the main character, can charm magical beasts. These beasts are tied to their owners (kind of like pokemon) and have special abilities that can be called upon. Our protagonist, meanwhile, lives in exile for a crime she did not commit and survives by selling beasts on the black market. But hey, a girl's gotta make ends meet somehow.

After discovering a bounty on her head, she attempts to make a deal with the main assassin. (I gleaned some of this info from the excerpt and some from the Goodreads summary.)

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious to see how this story plays out.