Loved this coming of age story!

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Juliet Takes A Breath is an excellent coming of age story about a young Puerto Rican lesbian who is coming out to her family, and the world. Juliet, the main character, is from a Bronx family with all kinds of ideas and stereotypes about how she should live her life. One of Juliet's college classes introduce her to feminism, and the larger world and - on impulse - she writes a letter to a feminist author in Portland, OR and winds up being invited to intern for her for the summer. The author is a older, white "hippie-type" woman and the entire experience is very different than what Juliet had anticipated. This is the story of what Juliet experiences as a non-white, young, queer woman on her journey.

This is an excellent go-to novel for any young woman, especially queer ones, trying to learn more about her place in the world. The story-line is funny, honest, painful at times, and very relate-able. Take a chance on this book and walk a mile in Juliet's shoes. You won't regret it.

Thank you to the publisher, and Bookish First, for the free copy and the opportunity to provide this fair and honest review.