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Inspiring Read

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This was a great bookclub discussion that my following review will not do justice, so I highly suggest giving it a read yourself.

Can I relate myself to most of this book? Not really.

Do I appreciate the diverse view expressed in the story? Definitely.

Was I confused as to how old Juliet is based on events? Yep.

Happy I read it? Completely & I stayed up too late to finish it too!

I really loved how the ending wrapped up with some of the characters, and the encouragement that we are the only ones who can tell our story and change our world. Someone else cannot change our world for us.

When discussing with bookclub, we all admitted to seeing the date/time of place the story starts in, yet we all felt it was more contemporary and then not, this struggling to understand when it was taking place. Weird that more than one of us felt that way, but for a character trying to find her place in society and searching for identity, she definitely had a strong personality in my mind. The support of family and a vast collection of community in more than one state was nice to see, and hopefully by sharing this story the author continues to make such stories easier to talk about overall.

I don’t think I’m adequately describing the flow of the book. So... I’m just leaving it here. I enjoyed the read, would likely pick up another book by this author if I spotted it, but as I am not really the intended audience I don’t feel inclined to actively search out another book.