I am in love with Juliet Milagro Palante!

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At its most basic, this is the story of a young lesbian coming out to her family. But this well layered story is so very much more! It is the story of a young woman learning about herself and what makes her strong. It is the story of how her ethnic history shapes who she is and who she wants to be. It is the story of feminism and friendship and recognizing the best and worst in each other and ourselves. While sometimes I felt like the story or characters became a bit of a caricature, I feel Ms. Rivera used them to help illustrate the variety and individualism in an easily homogenized group. Not all lesbians are the same. Additionally, despite their differences and conflicts, I liked how Ms. Rivera presented a supportive group of people for Juliet, and for any reader who reads this book for understanding. I would recommend this book for any young woman questioning herself, regardless of sexuality.