F*cking outstanding is right!

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I loved Juliet Takes a Breath. Roxane Gay is totally right, it’s fucking outstanding! Gabby Rivera’s Latinx queer coming-of-age story takes Puertorriqueña Juliet from her family in the Bronx to an idolized white feminist mentor in the gentrified, hippie part of Portland. There, Juliet navigates gender, sexuality, and race and their intersections after coming out to her family, managing a long-distance relationship with her girlfriend, and working as an intern for a well-known white feminist author. Through her journey, the book addresses some complicated racial and queer politics: from the need for POC-only spaces to the propagation of white, heteronormative feminism at the expensive of Black, Indigenous, Latina women of color. It’s a true feat to find a YA novel that takes these issues head-on with the humor and joy of Juliet Takes a Breath. Highly recommend!