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A Breathe of fresh air

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This book was absolutely amazing and a breath of fresh air. When I first opened the pages of this book it had my attention. The main character Juliet just broke out to her family about how she identifies herself and the main person that did not approve was her mother. This book is an eye opener about finding yourself and knowing yourself. As Juliet is learning about herself she was soon to learn about the LGBTQ community. But the one person that Juliet thought would help her on this journey of finding herself was her favorite author Harlowe Brisbane. But even though Harlowe had been the person that she looked up to Harlowe was never the answer to finding herself and her sexuality. Eventually Harlow had to communicate with her family, friends, and her mother who she loved so much. The title of this book is definitely accurate to what Juliet had to go through in order to find her spirituality, sexuality, and inner self. Reading this book made me realize that everyone in the world are trying to find themselves whether it is the love of their life, sexuality, spirituality, or just trying to figure out what is their purpose in life. Life is something that is explored and something that is to be cherished, but also life is where you discover things about people and yourself, which I just love this book because it opened my eyes to so Manu possibilities. Juliet takes a breathe is a breathe of fresh air that literally gave me an extra breath of how the world functions.