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The story of Judge's Girls was very realistic and moving. After beloved Judge Joseph Donaldson dies, the women in his life - Maya, his daughter, Jeanie, his younger second wife, and Ryder, Jeanie's daughter - struggle to move on and learn how to be a family. Maya and Jeanie have never gotten along and when the Judge's will stipulates that although Maya will inherit his house, Jeanie can live there as long as she wants, she is not happy. The women all must learn how to deal with his death. The characters were well developed and strong, interesting women. Maya and Ryder were definitely my favorite characters - Jeanie wasn't as likable although she did have good character development. I really liked the writing - it was easy to read and descriptive. This book was more than your typical chick lit - it was a deeper, more emotional story that addressed issues of race and addiction.