Heartfelt and Uplifting

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A messy, yet wonderfully written story about a multiracial family coming together after the death of the man who held their family in balance. Judge Joseph Donaldson married Jeanie after his first wife died. His daughter Maya doesn't love or respect his new wife, but she does have a unique relationship with her step-sister Ryder. When Joseph unexpectedly dies and leaves the family home to his daughter Maya, with the stipulation that his wife Jeanie can live there until she decides to leave, old animosities surface.
This novel details how each of the three ladies deals with Joseph's death. It touches on race and racial misunderstandings. It chronicles how everyone grieves differently and how each of us can seem strong or weak. Ultimately it shows that in order to live life to its fullest that we must learn to forgive each other and cherish the time that we have with one another.
I really enjoyed Harris writing style, her characters are well rounded and authentic, and her message is one that is relevant today.