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A Great New Female Character - Maya!

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The first person narrator helps to make this book special. Maya is a young and successful attorney who is struggling with her emotions after the recent death of her father. Her mother died years ago, and she is really feeling alone in the world. The first chapter includes what might be an important lesson of what not to say to someone at a funeral: "He is in a better place." Technically, the loved one left still surviving knows that - just as Maya does, but it does not stop the grief.

To make matters worse, there is an underlying air of competition in the law office. Are some of Maya's peers hoping that she is too stressed to continue to handle all of her cases, some of which are quite important, as she's reminded by Roland Hill, one of the partners. However, there is another complication; Maya and Roland are seeing each other. Technically, this "fraternization" is allowed, but they know the reality, that it can go sideways. The rest of the office staff would never feel comfortable, etcetera.

How can Maya's life become more complicated? How about temporary custody of teenage Ryder since Ryder's mom seems to have a drinking problem. This book promises to some interesting reading.