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A frank look at grief

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This is a beautiful and heart-wrenching story about grief, love, and family. It even touched upon racism and addiction. It showed how grief manifests differently for each person, even if they have lost the same person.

I was so moved and invested in each of the women that we follow through this story. Each chapter focused on a different woman as we delve into their innermost thoughts and watch their actions. We had Maya, a black lawyer living in Georgia trying to get over her father's death. Her stepmother Jeanie, a white woman that everyone thinks is a gold digger who went after the rich black judge. And Ryder, Jeanie's teenage daughter with another man that Judge Joe raised as his own.

There were some fun pop culture references that lightened the mood as well. But they were classy and not overused. The end wraps up the story neatly, and makes the reader long for the characters to keep growing and stay happy.