Slightly Long Journey to an Exciting Conclusion

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This was my first read of a DC Jack Warr and, while it is the second book in the series, I did not feel I was missing too much of the back story. The book centers around the effort by Warr to help catch a set of master thieves who have been stealing from rich homes in a classy neighborhood outside London. The story develops fairly slowly and we do get a fairly good amount of Warr's backstory as we go along, especially his relationship with his wife and their infant child. Warr is a complex character for whom you want to cheer, even when he often chooses to ride a bit roughshod over procedure and some of his fellow policemen, especially ones for whom he has little respect. The "judas horse" plays a pivotal role in the story. The term comes from a wild horse that has been tamed and then released to help lure its comrades into capture. While I felt there were some loose threads left in the last part of the novel, the final climax is quite exciting. Overall, good but not great, definitely not a classic.