Magnificent ending!

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DC Jack Warr has been an incredible person to figure out and imagine in my mind. His personality is of someone who you should look up to. He is a caring person who risks his life on the regular in order to protect those vulnerable. I love how he cares so much about his family that he understands what Regina is going through with her baby. By the way, the ending made me tear up a little bit because it shows how we need more kind people in our lives.

The beginning was not of my liking mainly due to the slow progression and how it mainly tied back to the first book, I imagine. I was lost at first and really tried my best to continue reading (and thank God I did).

When it got to the whole investigation process of finding out who was responsible for the burglaries, I couldn't keep the book down! I cherished every detail given that made the scene look real. I felt a little pain imagining what it would be like being in the position of those that were physically assaulted. The clash of personalities between DI Lee and Jack was hilarious. It was the extra little spice that this investigation needed.

Overall, well done Mrs. La Plante! I hope to read another thrilling book of yours and hopefully continue reading more of DC Jack Warr. I have been intrigued by your podcast "listening to the dead" and OMG! Keep up the good work. <3