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I had no idea this was a book two! As I was getting further along in the book I was thinking there was so many extra little details that there would most likely be a book two but now I know it will actually be a book three ha! I enjoyed this book enough that I would like to read the first and continue to read this series although it wasn't a book that I avoided responsibilities so I could read longer. It was well written and interesting I like the story of Jack and Maggie and am curious to see if anything comes of the other tidbits I noticed about a few other people in this book. In this book there has been a series of violent burglaries in the countryside, Detective Jack Warr is sent to help investigate shortly after his wife had their first baby. Upon arrival he figures out there has to be a local informant and his spot on police work helps him figure things out with each new lead they get. The closer to the ending the harder it was to put down