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This is the second book in a series about Detective Jack Warr. I liked author Lynda La Plante’s characterization of Jack. He’s a good family man, understands the criminal mind, knows how to put clues together, and is skillful at solving crimes. There are perhaps times when he should communicate better with superiors and others on his team and wait for back up before confronting criminals on his own, but he is good at what he does.
The plot of the story was confusing at first. An incident was related about two young boys finding a body in a submerged horse trailer. Then the story switched to information about Jack and his being called to help with an ongoing case of a Wimbledon Prowler in London. In the midst of this, a case involving the alley burglar, which was similar was related. I found all this confusing.
I would have found it less confusing to have had the story begin with Jack awaiting the birth of his daughter, family information being revealed, and then Jack’s call to help with the Cotswolds Burglaries, which is what the plot of the book was about for the next 250 plus pages.
As far as the investigation, Jack worked with men and women with different ideas of how it should be handled. His work with these detectives from other agencies to solve a succession of burglaries that were turning violent was intriguing and nail biting at times. The book became very fast paced the closer Jack came to figuring out the identities of the burglars.
I enjoyed this book after I got into the main plot. Detective Jack and his family are people I liked. I’m sure author Lynda LaPlante has many more interesting cases for Jack to solve.
I thank Zaffre an imprint of Bonnier Books in the UK, BookishFirst, and author Lynda LaPlante for my advanced reader copy of Judas Horse.