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Lynda La Plante returns with her second novel in the Jack Warr series, I haven't read the first in this series but found that not to be a problem. Fans of her work and avid readers of this genre in general will find this book appealing and interesting.

The book starts out with a string of robberies in a small touristy town where many wealthy celebrities and businessmen live. The use of the term Judas Horse is very interesting and appropriate in describing the burglars. The book is a police procedural full of twists and turns, a page-turner thriller. It is well written and like her other books quite enjoyable.

The characters are complex, with a variety of lifestyles and personalities, all very well described. Detective Jack certainly is old school and sticks with his gut feeling when he is investigating the case. The plot and storyline will not disappoint you.

Thank you to BookishFirst, Zaffre, and Lynda for the opportunity to read the advanced-copy of this book.