Book #2 And It Was Worth The Wait....

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The second book in the DC Jack Warr series, Judas Horse gives us the " we want more of Jack Warr" many of us wanted after reading the first book, Buried.

The title has a specific meaning behind it that gives the story its basis. What is a Judas Horse? Well, the explanation is quite interesting. To break it down, it starts with land management and wild Mustangs and the need to harness, moderate, and manage their existence. In order to do that methods were created. Many techniques proved to be inhumane and sometimes fatal to the horses. One less destructive and effective way was to capture the wild horses via a "tamed horse" that was once wild but since trained and broken down in order to lead the wild horses into the pens/corrals. The Mustangs are herded as close as possible into an area near the target pen/corral. The "tamed horse" is released with the specific job of moving through and to the head of the herd and lead them all into the confined space. That tamed horse is called a Judas Horse cause it tricks the rest of them into captivity. They all assumed they were following one of their own not realizing that the tamed horse was working for the other team, the humans. I mention all this because it's a rather genius way of implementing that into the story and also I don't have to actually give spoilers and say what the story is about any further.

True to La Plante's style of dynamic characters and mounting suspense in her series, I was not disappointed. There is some serious criminal activity, a rather smart detective, and a well-thought-out and complex storyline. Great read.

Thanks to BookishFirst, Zaffre Publishing, and Author Lynda La Plante for my copy of this book won via giveaway. I received. I read. I reviewed this book honestly and voluntarily.