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DS Jack Warr, last seen in Buried, returns in Judas Horse. He and his wife Maggie have now bought a home and are about to become parents. While Jack is home on paternity leave, Maggie would prefer that he return to work and get out from underfoot. He returns just as his superior, DSI Ridley, receives a request for assistance on a series of burglaries in the Cotswolds. Jack sees this as a chance to get out of the city and with Maggie’s blessing he heads to the country. The burglaries have been happening over the last few months but lately they have occurred more frequently.

Jack is not welcomed by the police in Chipping Norton. There is some resentment that an outsider has been sent to direct them. One of Jack’s strong points, however, is an ability to read people and he quickly gets them on his side. Jack is also a bit of a maverick and tends to take actions that he sees as necessary without informing his superiors. When one of the burglaries results in murder the investigation is stepped up and he seeks the help of someone suspected of being complicit in the crimes, Judas horse.

Jack was the son of a criminal who was part of the Widows series. When he was orphaned, he was raised by Penny and Charlie in a loving home. It wasn’t until he was older that he discovered who his true parents were. Lynda La Plante has developed a character who is a product of both the good and the bad. While he works on the side of justice, he sees that justice is sometimes unfair and needs a helping hand for those who need it most. la Plante writes thrillers that you can not put down and Judas Horse is no exception. I would like to thank Bookish First for providing a copy of this book for my review.