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Soothing re-classic

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Just the idea of a Little Women inspired story is enticing. Do read the book, Little Women to fully enjoy the book. You won't feel that you are reading a story by a different author. Such is the flair of Margaret and Mellisa. Such a fresh view of the classic masterpiece. Pulpy and girly tale it is. The minor characters are also well crafted. The writing style is simple, lucid and comprehensible. The dialogues are witty and humorous. The pace of the story is just right--just like a lady's robe sweeping the floor when she gracefully leaves her antechamber to greet her guests waiting in the foreroom.
Definitely recommend this soft and sweet read. Perfect for the times when your head feels heavy of reading serious stuff and you want to read something stablising but not a classic in fear of not comprehending the language. In short, it is a beautifully written re-classic.