Fun take on a beloved classic!

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I was thrilled to find this book! I am a Little Women super fan, but always disappointed, somewhat, by the ending. You see, I loved Jo & Laurie together and really wanted that to happen. Alas, Miss Louisa had other plans. This book is everything I wanted to happen. I shouldn't have been surprised that this amazing writing duo would come out with something so engaging and addicting to read, as I also love their previous books. But I also know that often a dazzling cover makes for a less than dazzling book. That is not the case here, thankfully, you can enjoy your beautiful cover AND story, all in one. Jo still gets her fame and fortune and the man I wanted her to get. It is a fun twist and I am thankful that it was well done. I enjoyed the extra look into other relationships and lives of the other March sisters. Overall, it was a fun escape of a read and brought me back to my childhood.