Compelling historical fiction

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Jo & Laurie is a retelling of the classic novel, Little Women. I admit that I still haven't read the original but I do love a historical fiction read. I was impressed with the tone and humor of the story. Jo & Laurie's romance is so fun to read.

Margaret Stohl and Melissa De La Cruz did a great job of taking readers to another time period. Their character development for both Jo & Laurie was great and made me invested in the story. It was more emotional than I expected but ultimately I think it made the story that much more enjoyable and allows readers a chance to get more attached to the characters.

Without knowing too much about the original I was happy with how things ended and where Jo & Laurie ended up together.

I give Jo & Laurie 4 stars. Both authors wrote this historical fiction in a way that was both enjoyable and took readers on a historical journey. The writing style was impressive and I may just have to read the original to see how it all began.