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A great twist on Little Women

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Jo March has finished the first part of her story withy her sisters. Now her publisher wants a sequel where they are married off and becoming "Good Wives"after being "Little Women". Jo can't understand why her book is so popular and why so many are fascinated by it especially since the typists have changed so many of Jo's words to make the book "more socially acceptable". But roaring success comes with its own challenges and Jo wishes that everything she wrote had happened: Beth would still be alive instead of actually dying from scarlet fever, Papa would be home with them instead of in the South helping with Reconstruction. Her sisters welcome the success because it helps pay the bills and they won't go hungry for awhile now,

After all that was the whole reason Jo wrote that book wasn't it? To help her family and keep them happy? So why is she then having such a hard time writing what should be their own happy endings?