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This will be a wonderful retelling!

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I always love reading retellings of classic literature and the first look at Jo & Laurie was no different. From the very beginning you can see what a strong character Jo is and how passionate she is about her writing. It was also interesting to see how she is struggling with the idea of making a sequel to her book. I enjoyed her interactions with Amy and how she tried explaining why she didn’t like the idea of writing a sequel, but yet once she was with Belinda and Leopold, Jo began questioning herself. I am excited to see how the rest of this book turns out, not only in terms of Jo’s sequel, but how her relationship with Laurie changes as well.

I love the cover of this book; the colors are very appealing and having the woman, I assume to be Jo, holding Little Women is clever as well. It allows readers who may not be familiar with the names Jo and Laurie to have an idea of what the book is about from simply a glance at the cover.

Overall, I hope I can win a copy of this book because I am very excited to read more.