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Paper Dolls and Promises

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I would like to talk about the book from the outside in. To start I think the covers smooth simplicity works really well! It still drew me in and was not over the top. As for the inside? Incredible! This is the first time in a long time I've loved a first look so much! This story is feminist forward as we watch our main character Jo struggle with her newly found fame, writer's block, and turmoil from outward sexism from society. Jo is a powerful young woman who is determined to stand her ground and do what's best for her family. Two other lovable characters from this first look are Amy and Laurie. Amy is not only adorable but exactly what I imagine a little sister would be! Sassy and snarky, through and through! Laurie, although we only meet him briefly is dreamy and goofy all at once! I am excited to see where the authors go with these amazing characters and beautifully flowing story!