Too Short

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This was a cute book.

I did like most of the characters however they did become a bit annoying after a while. The cultural aspects were somewhat relatable, being myself of Hispanic decent but felt a little more extreme to the point of characterization at some points.

You will need to let go of logic from the start of the story as how they come to meet and the arrangement made after. Usually with rom-com's there is a bit of disbelief of the entire situation but this one pushes the envelope a bit.

I was able to feel the family conflicts as well as the chemistry of the two main characters. I just wish there was more time for their romance to blossom and get to the point they had with a bit more time. The book at times felt rushed as it tried to tackle a few issues throughout that seemed over complicated for not much reason. I was happy to see one of the ailments I rarely see in books and the aftermath of it. It's something that I am sure many go through, but rarely see written in these settings.

Overall it was a quick read, not sure I will rushing the read the next.