A sweet little read

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This book was entertaining for sure. Fake dating that turns into a real relationship is my absolute favorite trope!! Luis and Sara are both coping with their traumas as best they can- Luis by working too much to deal with familia strain and Sara by misleading her family to try to fit in with them better. The set up in the first two chapters feels a little rushed and relies solely on coincidence which doesn’t feel entirely genuine and the end was a little rushed as well, like years of family resolved with an apology and a heart to heart. But the story has plenty of sweet scenes and funny moments room to keep the reader engaged. The romance feels genuine and as far as book boyfriends go, Luis has to be one of the best. This reminded me of Chloe Liese’s Bergman Brothers series, which I have enjoyed immensely! I enjoy stories that include the multitude of family relationship dynamics and how that influences the main characters and ultimately shapes the story.