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It I could really like this book.The couple just meet at the right time.even though it sounds Cliché It will not let you down. It was Luis the firefighter and Sarah the girls that grit stood up by her lover.which then she meets Luis and the story just unfolds from their.I thought It wouldn’t be my cup of tea but I gave it a try and now I just want to re read it over and over I will tehe anyway.I really love like really love the cover It is just something about the drawing in cartoon that just draws me in to these types of books.I think everyone should give it a try even if u do really do romance.I won’t let you down. Her writing Is also really good Cause sometimes when the writing is not good it bores you so think all romance books are like that but they are not .
So read this book and share what you feel about in the reviews or with other people it doesn’t matter as long as you read it.