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Overall, I thought this was a nice, easy read. This is definitely not the type of book that I normally gravitate to. I normally go for thrillers, mysteries, and horror novels. However, I think it is nice to nag up sometimes. I find that there are times when I just want to read a book that can catch my attention and get me hooked. I think this could be one of those. It is a pretty breezy read. I can easily picture it being made into a romantic comedy movie. I liked the two main characters. I liked that it was written from both perspectives, so the reader can understand both characters. I thought both were very likable. Even though it was a shorter passage, I could already tell the chemistry between the two leads. It may not be the most complex story I’ve read, it was enjoyable. I can see it as a great beach read. I would like it finish this book just to see the satisfying conclusion