Many elements I loved but left me wanting a bit more

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The Island Affair had so many things I love in a romance - a fake relationship, misunderstandings, as well as likeable and diverse characters.

Sara is arriving in Key West for a week long family vacation when she discovers that her boyfriend will not be joining her. She doesn’t want to disappoint her family especially when her mom is so excited to meet him. Luis is just leaving the airport, after visiting his brother at work, when he overhears Sara’s predicament. He’s just been forced to take a week long break for work and helping her sounds ,icy better than spending time overthinking at home. They quickly devise a plan for Luis to pose as Sara’s significant other for the week but things quickly become complicated as they often do when posing as a fake couple.

I loved both Sara and Luis with their internal struggles and their caring and often blunt family members. They are both characters who are well developed and I enjoyed the authors writing style. However, I had a tough time connecting to Sara and Luis as a romantic couple. I thought their first kiss was a little too quick and then once they started to connect later I was hoping for more one on one interactions between them. I can’t quite place my finger on what I would have changed but it left me wanting a bit more.