Learning to Love

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This is a story not only about falling in love with someone but learning to love yourself too. I liked that we had some intense and meaningful moments between the fluff and romance. It gave some depth to the story and made it more real. Love isn’t all uphill. It takes some trenches to get to the top. I thought the author did good adding those challenges in there for the characters.

The family dynamics were realistic and fun to read about. The little details added so much more to the story. The seemingly small gestures between the couples were heartwarming. Of course this books takes place over the course of a week so some things happened unrealistically fast but of course this is a rom-com and that’s not unexpected.

I wouldn’t say that this book really added anything unique to this genre, but I did like that the author didn’t shy away from real life challenges and traumas that people face. That is something I would like to see more of. The setting and mood of the story was well developed. Overall, this was a nice, fun, quick summertime read.