It was a good book with several flaws

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The premise of a fake relationship sounded very interesting to me, as did the setting in Key West. I was really excited to read this book. I will have to admit I had to suspend belief at the beginning because the heroine Sara just got into a stranger’s car in an unfamiliar place and decided to completely trust him... But I knew the story had to get rolling somehow. I liked how Sara’s issues with her family rang true, but Luis’s problems seemed a little forced. I couldn’t really understand why he was mad at his brother (the reason behind it all didn’t really make sense to me) and how that had such a huge effect on his life & job. I enjoyed the build up to Sara & Luis’s relationship, but once that really got going, the book seemed to slow down for me. I even found myself skimming pages. The ending felt a bit rushed, as well.
My biggest problem with the book was the descriptions. I know the author was trying to really draw the reader into the world of Key West, but everything was so detailed that it took me out of the action constantly. Just knowing that they were driving down the road to the beach would have been enough; I didn’t have to know that they turned left at the light and what the parking space they got. The author also added in very specific details in the middle of a “scene,” like what color tennis shoes were or the shape of a bowl by the door. It drew me out of what was happening every time. And if I had to read about the bedspread with ocean life on it one more time I’m not sure what I would have done. Telling the readers about that one time would have been quite sufficient.
All in all, it was a quick, light read. I would probably recommend it to those who enjoy the “fake relationship” trope, tropical settings, or Latinx themes. But I am not sure I would read another book by this author.