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I have read the fake dating trope a few times and I have to say that I am just not a fan, I don't like all the lying that always comes with it. With that being said Island Affair was still a fun one to pick up and read. It follows Sara Vance who is supposed to be introducing her boyfriend to her family on a vacation in the Florida Keys, once she gets there she finds out he is not coming. Luis Navarro a Key West firefighter just got the news he has to take a week off after being involved in a call that left him a little rattled. Over hearing the conversation Luis offers to help which Sara took to mean fake boyfriend. What follows is the two trying to pretend for her family while trying to avoid his who all live on the island. Eventually the two mix and the truth comes out. This book is not just about Sara and Luis but also Sara and her family learning to find a new normal after years of family tension. Luis also has a journey with learning to forgive his brother for a betrayal that leaves Luis a little broken. (Trigger Warning for Eating Disorders). I absolutely loved the setting of this book, I have been reading a few books that take place in the Keys and it sounds amazing! And the food!! The author made me want to eat everything she talked about. While the trope is not one of my favorites, I really liked the author's writing and will definitely be picking up the next in this series! Thank you Netgalley and Kensington books for my advance copy in return for my honest review.