Fake Dating In the Keys

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Sara Vance is on the way to visit her family in the Florida Keys but she dreads every minute when she finds out at the last minute that her boyfriend is not going to make it. She worries about disappointing her parents who long for her to marry and have children, like her siblings have done. Enter Luis Navarro, a handsome Cuban firefighter with a heart of gold. Luis is not looking forward to time off of work but is being forced to take some time after an accidental loss and betrayal of someone very close to him. When a beautiful women clearly in distress asks for his help in the airport parking lot, he can't resist offering his help. Pretend to be her boyfriend for a week to keep his mind off of all the hurt of his past? Why wouldn't he be okay with that? But soon, Luis finds himself falling hard for Sara and their short term agreement is about to fall apart.