Cute romantic comedy

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Island Affair was a cute romantic comedy, set in a beautiful location. The author did a great job of describing the setting. The characters are both enjoyable. The novel has a cute, yet very common, plot. As is often the case in this genre, it features the “fake boyfriend/ girlfriend” idea, but it was still told in a way that kept me reading. It was also, as typical, predictable but it’s what one expects when reading romantic comedies. They are fun, quick reads, and I can definitely say the same for this author’s story. Having said that, I have read other romantic comedies that I have enjoyed or loved more, but Island Affair was still an endearing romance. I was happy to find that her book was on kindle unlimited, as I was able to check it out through my subscription without paying more for it. I look forward to the next book in her series and I appreciate that the setting is consistent.