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I was so excited to read Priscilla Oliveras' Island Affair. It has a hunky, all around good guy firefighter for the hero, and a heroine who has faced difficulty in family relationships but has a job she loves and is good at, even though it breaks the family mode. AND it's set in Key West, beautiful and rich in culture and natural wonders. What's not to love, right?

The first hundred pages (all I could get through) cover only about 8-10 hours. One third of the book in excruciating detail of their first encounter and getting to know each other for a ruse to fool the heroine's parents that she is in a happy, committed relationship. One third of the book with the hero repeatedly saying he does like lying, but doing it anyway.

I gave this book a couple of tries, it was just too slow and contains too much cognitive dissonance for my taste. On the plus side, the descriptions of Key West are lovely.