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A Quirky Tale We Can All Relate To

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I love this cover. It's simple and easy to read on a bookshelf. It leaves me wondering what the eye alludes to.

Kate Davies talks to you like a silly drunk friend at a college party.

Her protagonist spills a silly tale, tells us way too much information than you can tell in normal conversation, and has a hilarious sense of humor.

Most importantly, I think, she has relatable issues. The argument is all too familiar for people who have EVER had a roommate, and reminiscing about past conquers can make anyone relate to the awkward, pathetic memories of our first time.

I truly love the tone (conversational and mockingly self-deprecating) and I can't wait to read more. If this is how the novel presents such an awkward subject as sex -- or lack thereof in this case-- I can't wait to see the rest.