This was such a sweet read

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Nnamdi's father, the police chief, died, leaving Nnamdi and his mother alone. Criminals run wild in their small town and the only person who stood up to them was Nnamdi's father. A year after his death, Nnamdi's father appears to Nnamdi with an Ikenga (research these because the story behind them is awesome). Nnamdi doesn't know what to think of it. Then he hears screaming and knows he has to save the woman. Suddenly, he's big and strong and is basically a super hero. It's up to twelve year old Nnamdi to fill his father's shoes, avenge his father's death, and rid his community of criminals.

This is such a fun little book. There is magic, heart, and action. It would be a great read for children who love fantasy and they can also learn a little something about Nigerian culture.