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First off the cover of this book is spectacular. I feel like it conveys the overall tone of the book very well to the readers and anyone who sees the book. I am definitely someone who judges books by their covers but even if I do not like the cover, I will probably end up reading it. This cover just conveys the mood very well to me. Nnamdi's father was the chief of police until he was murdered. Most citizens of the town believe he was murdered by the Chief of Chiefs who are the most powerful criminals. Nnamdi vowed to avenge his late father even though he is only twelve years old. No one in the town really believes that he will be able to avenge is fathers death because he is only twelve, but Nnamdi will prove them wrong. One night Nnamdi learns he has superpowers and he now has to learn how to control them. Watch Nnamdi avenge his late father and learn how to control his powers at the same time.