Middle Grade

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Let me preface this by saying, I don't normally read middle grade. That being said, I felt this book too childish for my tastes. Don't get me wrong, it was a great story and I think it would be great for kids, but as an adult, I was hoping I'd enjoy it more. I found myself thinking what I'm sure all adults who read Harry Potter for the first time as an adult, "This kid is only 12, this is so unrealistic!" However, I also felt myself feeling that the main character acted immature for even a 12 year old. This may be a bias as I was more mature than most kids my age at that time, however, I don't know many 12 year olds that would call their parents "Mommy" and "Daddy". Despite my dislike of the Nnamadi, I really did enjoy the story as something new to me and enjoyed the setting of the book, as I have never read a book set in Africa. It made me want to dig deeper into the culture and traditions of Nigeria to understand more about the background of this book!