Loved it!

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Absolutely enjoyed this from beginning to end. What really stood out to me was just how positive the book was. The stakes were pretty high, and there were some really tense moments in the plot as a result, but each time there were satisfying resolutions to each moment that led to the next. I loved the relationships the characters had with one another; the support the trio had for each other was encouraging and made the experience the characters were going through so much more enjoyable.

The fantasy elements were definitely something that I had to get used to. The concept was extremely simple and I was expecting something more complex, but I wasn't let down at all despite the simplicity of the concept because of just how enjoyable the characters and plot overall were.

The antagonist for this book surprised me! Definitely didn't see the twists coming; I thought, since this was middle grade, that it would all be pretty straight forward. Was pleasantly surprised to learn how wrong I was!