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Nnamdi is a young boy living in Nigeria with his mother. The story opens with the funeral of his father, and we're instantly thrown into Nnamdi's harsh and brutal world. I loved Okorafor's no-bars-held approach to telling this story, incorporating both Nigerian and American culture to reach a large audience with her story while maintaining the authenticity.

When Nnamdi is passed down magical powers, he tries to use them to carry on his father's work. We as readers feel the emotional weight and responsibility Nnamdi feels as he tries to accept a job too big for him and feels like he's failing at a task too large for him.

While the story is one I really appreciate, I didn't like the writing style very much. The characters were fleshed out, especially Nnamdi, but the rest fell flat. I was being told a story instead of being shown a story. Because this book is also aimed at younger audiences, I wasn't able to connect as well with Nnamdi. But this was still a really great read!