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I have a friend that's a middle school librarian, and she's always looking for new books to share with the kids, especially more diverse ones. Well, once I finished this one, I recommended it to her right away. It's an engaging, short, impactful book that I'm hoping will help those middle schoolers be more interested in reading. Nnedi Okorafor did a good job writing for this age group. Nnamdi felt like he'd be a great character for kids that age to relate to, and his journey through the book was nice to see develop. Seeing a Black boy embrace his power and really come into himself isn't something we get enough of in books, so I was thrilled to see it shown so unapologetically here. I don't tend to like superhero stories that much, and I'm usually not a big reader of middle school books, but this was certainly enough to keep me interested the entire time.