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I've read all of Nnedi Okorafor's books from her adult books (Binti) to her graphic novels and comics (Black Panther) to her teen books (Akata Witch) and now Ikenga. Each one is so unique, and I've never been disappointed by her books.

In this story, Nnamdi's father- the chief of police- has been murdered. He has reason to believe it the murderer is a local gang. As a young boy, he has to deal with his father's murder and take care of his mom.

One year after his father's death, his spirit returns and gives Nnamdi an Ikenga, which gives him superhero- like abilities.

7th grade students loved Akata Witch, and they will surely love Ikenga, as well. This reads a lot like a superhero comic and will resonate with many.