An Enjoyable Read

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I love superhero stories and so I really enjoyed reading Ikenga! Nnamdi grew so much as a main character, from struggling to grieve the loss of his father and the injustice he sees in the aftermath, to accepting a strange figure and power and struggling to deal with that, then realizing how much damage he could do and the care he needed to take when utilizing the power of the Ikenga. I also liked how the newspaper twisted the story of the Man's heroism, which I think is a great way to reference media bias with younger readers, and was pleasantly surprised to find the Chief of Chiefs had more layers to him than I initially anticipated. I will say that the pacing at the end of the story when you find out the truth seemed a little rushed or unexpected, but I'm also never one to guess the ending of a mystery so that could just be me! All in all, I really enjoyed reading this one and know that it'll be a big hit with readers.