Don't Call it Spiderman in Africa!

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Nnamdi Icheteka is 11 years-old when his father, Police Chief Egbuche Icheteka, is murdered. His death comes after meeting with "The Chief of Chiefs," leader of the most ruthless gang in Kaleria. Convinced that the gang is responsible for his father's death, Nnamdi swears revenge on the gang.

A year later, Nnamdi is no closer to avenging his father's death, and now he and his mother are struggling to survive in a world without Nnamdi's father and without the support of the community who have all turned away from both Nnamdi's family and the crimes in Kaleria. All Nnamdi has for comfort is his best friend, Chioma Nwazota, and his collection of comic book superheroes.

On the night of the anniversary "festivities" for his father's memorial, Nnamdi sees a shadow and follows it believing it's his father's spirit. He is given an Ikenga so he can protect his mother, who was robbed earlier that same day. Nnamdi isn't sure what the Ikenga is and what it's for, but it seems that he has a chance to finish what his father started.

While the opening chapters remind readers of tropes from comic book superheroes, fans of the author, know that this will NOT be like the "traditional" superheroes we've come to love. It seems that Nnamdi will have to learn the truth about his father and his community before he becomes the hero he dreams of becoming.