Not as Invisible as you think

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This book is the debut novel by a 19-year old author. A Young Adult novel by a young
author. It’s a Cinderella story. The main character Alice goes to a very elite private
school where all the students come from very wealthy families, except for Alice who
comes from a very poor one. She is incredibly intelligent and is constantly competing
with another student named Henry for the highest academic awards. Alice is about to lose
her scholarship which means she will soon be leaving the school. In the meantime Alice
begins having episodes where she is completely invisible. She and Henry devise a plan for
her to raise enough money to pay for her schooling. The problem is what they are doing
could be considered criminal activity. Ultimately Alice gets caught.

Up to now I have
really enjoyed reading this book, but I think Alice should have been a hero for saving
one of her classmates from harm. Instead she is punished with barely any evidence to
prove she was involved with the caper that went array. She and Henry not only become
friends, they talk about a future together. The author manages to incorporate several
themes in the book, racism, poverty, and teen love. I do not agree with the author who
says she wrote the book for all the people who feel unseen. The teachers and students
definitely see Alice because she wins many awards competing against Henry.