Allowing yourself to truly be seen

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Alice comes from a poor family but us attending a prestigious international school in Beijing among children of the rich and famous.

Almost as a compensation she sets out to be the best in every class. And she easily does so, at least until Henry shows up. Then he’s one upping her without even trying.

Alice hates Henry.

Things escalate when she suddenly starts turning invisible. The problem is she’s been so focused on achievements she has no friends to turn to and goes to Henry with this new problem.

Eventually she decides to monetize this new issue by offering to help the schools students with various tasks in an effort to continue to cover her tuition to the school.

Alice learns the deepest, darkest secrets of the student body and is entwined into a kidnapping plot that goes awry.

But along every step of the way Henry is there with her and she begins to see him in a new light.

Can she let him, and others, see her for who she really is rather than just the Study Machine?